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The Gap Chess Club

For upcoming events: The Gap Chess Club calendar

The club meets at Room B6 on Friday evenings.

To participate in club tournaments, send an email to: contact@thegapchessclub.org.au

Meets on Friday evenings

The Gap Chess Club meets at The Gap State High School as per the club calendar.

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The club conducts regular chess tournaments.

Tournament entry is $20 for the three classically rated tournaments, plus CAQ membership is required. This fee covers night fees during the tournament.

The three tournaments are: (1) Flood Cup; (2) Stuart Wilson Trophy; (3) Martin Laizans Cup.

Fees 2024

  • Yearly
    • Club Membership $20
    • CAQ Membership $20
  • Nightly
    • $5 member
    • == or $20 per tournament
    • $10 non-member

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Club Profile

The Gap Chess Club was formed in the late 1960s. It has been a fixture of the Brisbane chess scene ever since, regularly competing in the Brisbane interclub scene, and conducted regular club tournaments since 1978. As well as tournament play, the club encourages social chess among all age groups. Members of the club contribute to providing a good social atmosphere that is welcoming to new players of all levels of chess competency.

The club meets on Friday nights at The Gap State High School, Brisbane.

The Gap Chess Club is affiliated with the Chess Association of Queensland (CAQ). The club runs regular tournaments which are rated by the Australian Chess Federation (ACF).