2019 Club AGM Minutes

Posted on January 27, 2020
  • Date: 20200122
  • Location: The Gap Tavern, Queensland

Attended in person

  • Tony Morris
  • Rex Scarf
  • Tony Howes
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Martin Laizans
  • Amanda Ward (non-member)
  • Mark Pendrith
  • Phil Eichinski

Attended via proxy

  • Phillip Kirkman
  • Edward Tan
  • Warren Ward

Previous minutes

  • The minutes of the 2018 AGM were unanimously accepted.

Matters arising from 2018 AGM minutes

  • Recent print-outs of club documents have not been easily legible
    • Andrew R to get a new, laser printer
  • New processes for handling casual visitors adopted during 2019 included stopping tournament play when visitors came
    • This has been successful and will be continued
  • Changing starting time to 1930 UTC+10
    • All approved of this change, except Martin

Management Committee Reports

  • The President’s Report was not presented formally by Andrew Robinson.
    • Instead, this was covered as a discussion of the current state of the club and the matters that arose are set out below in General Business below.
  • The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Tony Morris
    • The club’s income exceeded its expenditure slightly for the year ending 30 Sep 2019.
    • Generally, the club’s finances are healthy and there is no need to alter the current club fee structure.

Election of office bearers for 2020

  • All positions were declared vacant and the following office bearers were elected.
    • President: Andrew Robinson
    • Vice-President: Vacant
    • Secretary: Tony Morris
    • Treasurer: Tony Morris
    • Tournament Director/Arbiter: Andrew Robinson
    • Publicity Officer: Tony Howes
    • Equipment Officer: Tony Morris
    • CAQ Delegate: Andrew Robinson
  • Candidates for all positions were elected unanimously and unopposed.

General Business

  • Alter the front page of the website when the club closed
    • Some visitors have arrived to the club when it is closed
    • Tony Morris will add a message to the website and is happy to be reminded if it is not there when it needs to be
    • The website already has a schedule on it the front page, so it only needs a notice when an unanticipated closure is occurring
  • Coffee cupboard
    • Warren Ward usually helps with this, but is unlikely to attend the first half of the year
    • Tony Morris is happy to set it up
    • Request help from those around to put it away at the end of the night
  • Second set of keys to the club room
    • This hasn’t happened yet.
  • Martin proposed creating an internal Facebook group
    • Rex seconded the proposal
    • Motion passed, with Tony Morris and Mark Pendrith abstaining
    • Amanda Ward will create the Facebook group for the club
  • Phil proposed that we find new ways to get more club members
    • Mark proposed clarifying that our relaxed tournament scheduling which allows deferral of games (not allowed at many other chess clubs) be better advertised
    • Mark proposed finding a different venue, and suggested a bar or cafe
    • Mark will investigate possibilities for a new venue and communicate it back to the club’s management committee
  • Martin proposes changing the club name
    • Martin suggested some people may think the club is restricted to the suburb of The Gap for its membership
    • There was no support for changing the name, and objections were offered to alternative proposals such as “Western Suburbs Chess Club”
    • Mark proposed altering the website to include a list of suburbs in our region (which may help with visibility of the website to search engines)
    • The suggestion to amend the website was agreed to
  • Andrew proposes one (or more) nights per year to host a club night at a different venue e.g. The Gap Tavern
    • Mark will investigate a venue that is OK with this idea
    • Suggestions included pubs and coffee shops
    • It was proposed that these nights be non-tournament nights
    • Could be a Friday night or some other nominated time
    • This proposal was unanimously endorsed
  • CAQ has a 3 year club membership option
    • This is now included on the 2020 TGCC membership application form
  • Meeting closes 2020 (UTC+10)

> Tony Morris

Tony is the Treasurer of The Gap Chess Club.