Decision to use Swissperfect for the Round 7 draw


Initial email requesting a vote


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Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 11:26 AM

Subject: One Hour Round 7 draw - reply required by 8pm Monday


Hi All


Garvin has challenged the draw for Round 7.


For the past four years I have been using the Swissperfect computer program to do the draw. Garvin claims that the draw produced by the program is incorrect for this round. Garvin's basis for challenging the draw is that "<Swissperfect> has chosen to match players' colour preferences over pairing players on the same score. Players being paired on the same score is the most basic principle of the Swiss system."


I think Garvin is technically correct. So the case for changing the draw is that we get a draw that is technically correct.


The case against changing the draw is that it relies on human intervention. The computer may be wrong, but it is unbiased. If we rely on people to challenge the draw, then they may only do so when it is to their advantage. (Note: I can assure everyone that Garvin is not pushing this for personal advantage, but on the basis of correctness of the draw)


Please advise by 8pm Monday whether:

1. The draw should stay the same, as per Swissperfect.

2. The draw should change as per Garvin's suggestion.

3. You have no opinion.


I will tally the yeahs and nays and advise by Tuesday, with the majority to decide.






Verdict of the vote


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Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 10:36 PM

Subject: One Hour Round 7 draw - verdict


Hi again


There are 16 players in the draw for Round 7. Their votes were as follows:


1. The draw should stay the same, as per Swissperfect.

        6 (Tim, Tony, Cameron, Marty, Mark, Andrew)

2. The draw should change as per Garvin's suggestion.

        3 (Debbie, Brian, Garvin)

3. No clear opinion.

        3 (Ray, Ellis, Shane) - Note: Ellis gave his proxy to me.


Four players did not vote (Greg, Gordon, John, Tim). Phil who is not in this tournament also voted for option 1, while Stuart went with option 3.


The vote clearly indicates more players prefer the draw stays the same, as per Swissperfect pairings. Therefore the Round 7 draw is not changed.


Until it is decided that a different program/system is used to make the draw, then Swissperfect will continue to be used in future tournaments at The Gap. For those not happy with Swissperfect as a pairing instrument, the appropriate forum to seek change is at the AGM which will occur on the first Friday in December. As a way to the future, several players suggested (and I agree with them) that the solution is to find a computer program that can accurately reflect FIDE's Swiss pairing rules.


Thank you to all who took the time to consider the issues, to vote, and to provide me with reasoning, analysis and comments.






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