Report – 18 June 2004


One Hour tournament


Present tonight were George I, George II (visitor who came to the club a few weeks ago), Stuart, Ray, Andrew, Debbie, Marty and Sussex the dog. No tournament games were played tonight, however there were many enjoyable and instructional social games played.


G II gave an exhibition of mathematics debating style chess (make a move, turn the board around, make another move etc etc) until Debbie played with him. This ceased when Marty showed up. In games played tonight G II showed he has the potential to make a good chess player with more experience over the board.


Maiden Trophy


The eligibility for the Maiden was subject to some debate and it has been decided that the following players are eligible to win the 2004 edition:

·          Ross Mills

·          Stuart Holt

·          Luthien Russell

·          Marty Chadwick

·          Peter Hiller

·          John Curran

·          Stuart Wilson

·          James Hiller


It was decided by the elder statesmen of the club that it was never the intention for victory in a single day tournament to exclude a player from the Maiden. Therefore Stuart Holt is eligible.


The rules state that it is former winners of tournaments that are excluded. The Handicap is no longer a tournament in its own right (it hasn’t been since 1999), so therefore previous winners Stuart Wilson (2001) and Peter Hiller (2002) are now eligible for the Maiden.


It is likely that a motion will be put to the AGM specifying eligibility to enter the Maiden. At present it is envisaged that only those who have previously won the Maiden, Flood Cup, One Hour, Allegro and Lightning will be ineligible. There have also been discussions concerning the scrapping of the 1400 rule (which has this year excluded Tony Howes).



Quote of the night

“…intervening intermezzo…” – someone said this…


“What is a Desert Fox?” – Debbie, then later Marty



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