Report – 2 April 2004


Good Friday


Only four showed up tonight – Stuart, Harvey, Andrew and Brian. Even then, Andrew only stayed for thirty minutes, and Brian showed up at some time after 9pm.


It was all so different ten years ago (in 1994) when about a dozen showed up on Good Friday. Some key chess matches were also played, including a set of five games to decide the lightning championship. Ramon Resurreccion had hit the club by storm that year and had beaten the previously unbeatable Joe Tarnawski 3-2 but still required 4.5 win from 5 games against Mark Winn in the last round to become club lightning champion. Mark was no slouch at lightning, but Ramon was able to win all five games to triumph in the tournament. Buoyed by his success he decided to play Andrew in Round One of the Flood Cup for 1994 – both players were playing their first ever Flood Cup game. Unfortunately for Ramon, all the lightning must have affected his play over the more classical time controls (40/100 + 10/20) as he was never in the game against the unrated player. Andrew had never even beaten Ramon in a practice game before! Unfortunately Ramon had work commitments that caused him to forfeit his next rounds and disappear from the club scene at The Gap.


Quote of the night

“This is all rather disappointing.” – Harvey Quaresmini, commenting on the Good Friday attendance



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