Report – 30 January 2004


Due to a violent storm there was no electric power in the whole of The Gap, and many neighbouring suburbs. Ray Adams made representations to McDonalds to use their facilities for chess, but even this institution was closing up shop due to the power outage. Therefore everyone went home at 8.50pm.


Those in attendance: Stuart Wilson, Steve Quick, Stuart Holt, Andrew Robinson, George Flitcroft-Smith, Harvey Quaresmini, Mark Wardle, James Hiller, Brian Willcock, Ray Adams, and John Curran (briefly).



Quote of the night:

“Is there a blackout here?” - John Curran, while determining whether to get out of the car.

“Yes” - All

“Then I might go home and watch the tennis….. Oh! But I can’t. We’ve got a blackout at home too” - JC



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