Report – 1 August 2003


One Hour tournament


Round 7 games:

George Flitcroft-Smith ˝ Tony Howes ˝

James Hiller 0 John Curran 1

Andrew Robinson 1 Mike Talbot 0

Peter Hiller 1 Stuart Wilson 0

Harvey Quaresmini 1 Brian Willcock 0

Marty Chadwick - Debbie Jenkins postponed


The clash between George and Tony saw the most tense game of the night with the players reaching a situation with five minutes each left on the clocks and pieces galore pinned and skewered in a complex situation. The result of course was a huge time scramble with pieces flying everywhere. In the end Tony managed to knock off George’s last pawn with a bishop to get a draw out of a game that could have ended with either player winning. Both players agreed that it w as a fair result in the end.


The bitter rivalry between James and John at the other end of the table saw John prove his inner thoughts of last week correct with a win, after gaining a piece advantage early on. See the comments and barbs surrounding this match in the ‘Quote of the night’ section.


Peter scored a win over Stuart to ensure that every player has a win in the tournament. Stuart was actually ahead positionally with an even material position, with 20 minutes left to each player. But then he lost a piece with a poor move, then another, and it was a comfortable win for Peter in the end.


Mike played well against Andrew for the first 15 moves, but then played shockers at moves 16 and 17 to hand Andrew a knight, then a rook, thus sealing his fate. Harvey gained the exchange up against Brian and held this through the endgame, when Brian was only holding on with the faint hope that Harvey’s time would expire (he had 3 minutes left at the end).


George Flitcroft-Smith (1500) – Tony Howes (1651)

1 e4 c5, 2 d4 cxd4, 3 Nf3 Nc6, 4 Bc4 Nf6, 5 0-0 Qc7, 6 Qe2 d6, 7 h3 e5, 8 Ng5 Nd8, 9 f4 h6, 10 f4 h6, 11 fxe5 dxe5, 12 Qd3 Nc6, 13 a3 a6, 14 b4 Ba7, 15 Bd2 b5, 16 Bb3 Bb7, 17 Re1 Nd8, 18 Kh1 g5, 19 a4 (33min) g4 (30min), 20 axb5 gxf3, 21 Qxf3 Ke7, 22 Na3 (16:39) Ne6 (17:22), 23 bxa6 Bxg6, 24 b5 Bb7, 25 Rf1 Nf5, 26 Rae1 Rhg8, 27 g3 Nxe4, 28 Rxe4 Rxg5, 29 Rxe5+ Ne6, 30 Bb4+ Ke8, 31 Qxb7 Qxb7, 32 Bd5 Rzh3+, 33 Kg7 (3:42) Qd7 (2:42), 34 Rxe6+ Kd8, 35 Ba5+ Kc8, 36 Rc6+ Kb8, 37 Bc7+ Kc8, 38 Be5+ Kd8, 39 Bf6+ Ke8, 40 Re1+ Kf8, 41 Be1+ Kg8, 42 Rg6+ Kh7, 43 Rg7+ Kg7, 44 Bxf6+ (1:30) Kg8 (0:36) {with both players into the last seconds the time scramble was too intense for the DOP who had been recording the moves for the players since move 31} ˝-˝


James Hiller (702) – John Curran (1026)

1 d4 d5, 2 Nc3 e6, 3 Nf3 Nf6, 4 Ne5 c4, 5 e3 cxd4, 6 exd4 Nc6, 7 Bg5 Bd6, 8 Nxc6 bxc6, 9 Bb3 h6, 10 Be3 a6, 11 a4 Bb7, 12 0-0 Qc7, 13 b3 Bxh2+, 14 Kh1 Bd6, 15 g3 c5, 16 dxc5 Bxc5, 17 Bxc5 Qxc5, 18 Qd2 d4+, 19 Ne4 Bxe4+, 20 f3 Bxd3, 21 Qxd3 Qc3, 22 Qe2 0-0, 23 Rd1 Rfe8, 24 Rd3 Qc5, 25 Qd2 e5, 26 f4 exf4, 27 Rxf4 Rad8, 28 b4 Qe5, 29 Kh2 Qe2+, 30 Qxe2 Rxe2+, 31 Kh3 Re4, 32 b5 axb5, 33 axb5 Rxf4, 34 gxf4 Rd7, 35 Rb3 Ne4, 36 b6 Rb7, 37 Kg4 g6, 38 Kf4 Nd2+ white resigns 0-1


One Hour tournament: Current standings

All players to play 13 games






George Flitcroft-Smith



Harvey Quaresmini



Andrew Robinson




Gavin Foulger



Tony Howes




Gabriel Boross



Brian Willcock




Debbie Jenkins



John Curran



Marty Chadwick




Mike Talbot



Peter Hiller



Stuart Wilson




James Hiller




One Hour tournament 2003 results in detail



Quote of the night:

“LJC wears the trousers around our house”

- R Adams, while washing up was queried about who wears the trousers…


“Mike, you’re a dunce and a poofta”

- M Talbot, immediately following resignation in his One Hour game


“Well, you’ve got to die of some bloody thing…”

- M Talbot, before heading outside into the deep freeze for yet another smoke


J Hiller vs J Curran clash

The bitter rivalry between John Curran and James Hiller was recorded:

1. Before the game

JH: “This time it’s personal”

2. Post-match analysis of their game:

JH: “Do you think our styles are similar?”

JC: “No, it surprised me that it actually took 40 moves to wrap you up”

JH: “What do you mean by that?”

3. Later on, an aside:

JH: “I think there’s some bad blood between me and John”



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